Josh Jones

CB, As a public management professional, my time is at a premium. With all if the services I’m responsible for delivering on a daily basis and the cacophony of voices demanding more and more, I’ve little time for myself or my family. I’ve always been able to find time for my wife and children. She’s a medical professional who commutes and works at least 3 days a week. My children are ages 6, 3 and 20 months old. As you can probably imagine, this time in their lives is not only incredibly fun but time consuming as well. It’s the “me time” that’s been hard to come by.

The HWR systems have been one of the best investments I’ve made in pursuit of my fitness goals. I’m left with no excuses when some workouts take – literally – less than 15 mins. I know I can get a great workout in that amount of time and that I’m not feel shortchanged. Plus, they’re extremely enjoyable. Thank you for such great product.