Guy Sadkin

Having been overweight basically since college, I finally just decided enough was enough and that I needed to lose weight not only for myself, but for my wife and two young kids. As if by divine intervention, within days of making this decision to change my life, I stumbled upon Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program. It was exactly what I needed. My first fasting day was August 1, 2012. On that day I weighed 205 lbs (I am only 5’6″ tall, mind you). By early January 2013 I had lost about 30 lbs! I felt great about my accomplishment, but still felt something was missing. For the next month or so my weight would fluctuate from anywhere between 173-178 lbs. I had hit the wall, I believed, and needed to add a good weight loss exercise program to get me beyond that plateau. Enter your HWR program. I bought it in late February and began the program immediately. Your follow along videos were entertaining, fun, and most importantly, motivating. I looked forward to my workouts with you, Mike, and Brian! While I did not lose a whole bunch of weight per se, I am pretty sure I lost body fat and gained some lean muscle. I did notice that I was looking leaner and my clothes were starting to get a bit looser again, especially my pants. I was getting stronger, and by the last 4 weeks, was starting to show some muscle definition in places I never dreamed I’d ever see them, mainly my upper abs and especially my oblique’s.