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Special Groundbreaking Report by Craig Ballantyne, MS, CTT
Creator Turbulence Training Certification,
Men’s Health & Oxygen magazine fitness advisor

Think back to the last time you were in a big box corporate gym, torturing yourself on a piece of cardio equipment, going through the motions but not actually getting anywhere.

And while you hated every minute of it, in walked someone – someone you might even have gone to high school with – who had a leaner, sexier body than you, and weren’t afraid of showing it off.

As they walked past the cardio equipment (without giving it a second glance), you thought to yourself, “Now there goes a person that knows the secret to fat loss.”

Fast forward 20 minutes and you remain on your cardio machine, still having gotten nowhere, and having worked up only a little sweat.

photo-right-absAnd then – darn-it! – that lean, fit, sexy person walks by again – but it looks like they’ve just run a marathon. They’re covered in sweat and somehow they even look leaner – and yet you didn’t see them spend a single second on any cardio equipment.

What gives? What do they know that you don’t?

Well, today you’re going to finally discover that secret – something so important that you can literally call it, “The Ultimate Fat Loss Key“.

According to the most recent statistics of the United States, knowledge of this secret fat loss key is so uncommon that less than one in 350 men and one in 500 women even know of its existence.

What’s the ONE Simple Secret
That EVERYONE With a Killer Body
Knows That You Don’t?

Understand this:

Losing fat fast isn’t just about doing things other people don’t do. It’s more about knowing things other people just don’t know.

I’m talking about real secrets.

And the people that know them… the people that know what it takes to get an awesome body… you might refer to these people as, “The Insiders.”

It’s pretty easy to spot these people. I’m sure you might even know a few of them.

They’re lean and they’re ripped and they’re not embarrassed to take their shirts off. In fact, they make heads turn when they take their shirts off.

The real question is how do they do it… and what don’t YOU know?

I’ll get to the answer in a moment. But first, I want to make sure it’s clear to you why “The Insiders” have dream bodies and you don’t.

I have to warn you though, I’m known for being straightforward, to the point and downright blunt.

The reason why you don’t have a dream body like they do is simple:

You Don’t Look Like Them Because
You Don’t Train Like Them

photo-left-female-absI told you I was blunt.

But that’s the simple fact.

The Insiders” know how to train to lose fat fast – and by fast, I mean both in just a short amount of workout time and in getting rapid fat loss results in just a few days. Most other people just don’t have a clue.

Walk into any gym and you’ll see a lot of people working on cardio machines, grimacing, sweating, and looking like they’re about to collapse.

Yet walk into that same gym a year from now and you’ll see those same people doing those same cardio workouts. Except they won’t look any different than they did a year earlier.

These folks have practically taken up residency on the treadmill and spend hours jogging or using the elliptical machine just like a grandma… slow and steady.

They don’t know the secret, that’s for sure.

Don’t beat yourself up if that’s you.

You see, it’s NOT your fault.

But the bottom line is that people who are lean, sexy and strong have better information than you do about what works for fat loss.

So if you’re sitting there right now, overweight and frustrated with how you look… If you’re just plain sick and tired of trying things that just don’t work…

Then, unfortunately, you don’t know the secret either.

And Not Knowing the Secret
Can Keep You Suffering from Belly Fat

Before I pull back the curtain and tell you just what this mysterious “secret” is, I want to paint a picture of what your life could look like with the Ultimate Fat Loss Key in your hands. So take a moment and turn on your imagination.

Do your best to make the pictures of what I’m describing seem as vivid as possible. Then just sit there and FEEL how you would feel if your life was actually like this.

What would your life be like if…

  • 1 Your body was lean, even ripped, and downright sexy. When you walked down the street, you couldn’t help but turn heads in your direction…for all the right reasons.

  • 2 Your appearance generated instant respect with the people you work with, your friends and your family. Family pictures wouldn’t be an embarrassing exercise in hiding yourself from the camera. And nobody would be talking about your weight behind your back. Instead, they’d wonder what your secret was.

  • 3 You were healthy, fit and had more energy to do all of the activities you wanted with your spouse and kids.

  • 4 You were finally able to stop being embarrassed about your body and didn’t have to worry about covering up the parts you wanted to keep out of sight.

  • 5 You could have it all… the lean, sexy body that was the envy of everyone you knew without spending hours and hours at the gym… even without going to the gym at all!

The good news is that getting the body of your dreams is not that difficult. The bad news is that you first have to make sure you’re not falling into the trap that keeps millions of people like you from losing weight and burning belly fat.

To explain what I mean, let me tell you a story called…

“How Most People Who Want to Lose Fat
Turn a 2,563 Mile Journey Into a Nightmare

agitationThe journey between San Francisco, California and New York City is about 2,563 miles as the crow flies.

With the right information, a traveller can make the trip in a car in a few days. You just start driving east and stop when you get there. Simple. Reaching the goal doesn’t take long and the journey is pretty straightforward.

Armed with the wrong information, however, the journey can quickly turn into a nightmare. Imagine you had no idea that to get to New York City you had to travel east. So you go west. You quickly hit water, hop in a boat and continue on your way. Following this route west would balloon your journey from the 2,563 miles to over 16,000 miles!

Talk about a nightmare…

You might think this is a silly story to put in a message about fat loss, but here’s the reason this is so important:

This is the exact same mistake people are making in their quest to lose belly fat.

It’s not that these good people aren’t working hard enough, though. The reason so many folks endure the long boring workouts and end up with nothing to show for it is because…
Wrong Way

They’re Actually Going the Wrong Way!

You might think that more of any exercise is better than no exercise. On one hand, you’d be right… doing something is better than nothing. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to lose fat.

In fact, if you do the wrong things in the wrong order, you could very well end up like so many people… frustrated and overweight.

And it won’t even matter how hard you work or how many hours you spend in the gym!

Fortunately, once you get this knowledge, everything can change… just like that.

If you’re frustrated with the way you look and are tired of trying things that just don’t work, I have some very good news.

You’re just moments away from finally discovering the truth about how to get the fastest fat burning results ever. This is what you’ve been missing, and it’s all about to be made perfectly clear.

Let Me Tell You How I Discovered the Secret

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CTTMy name is Craig Ballantyne.

I’m a world-renowned Certified Turbulence Trainer, and author of too-many-articles-to-count in magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers.

When I first introduced Turbulence Training, my recommendations revolutionized the mainstream thinking about how to lose fat.

Since then, I’ve had exercise programs blatantly ripped off, and my picture has been used (without my permission of course) in GQ Magazine, on a kettlebell product in the Middle East and on t-shirts to promote other gyms in North America.

Over the years, my system improved even more as I tweaked, refined and tested it on thousands of clients and even on myself. Today, Turbulence Training is a complete fat burning system that produces serious results… fast.

In fact, I’ve created over 121 fat burning workouts since 2001 using my trademarked metabolic resistance training system, but I’m not done there.

In the last decade I’ve also created my own Advanced Turbulence Training Fat Loss Certification used by Certified TT Trainers all around the world, from the UK to the Middle East, and from Australia to Atlanta.

And today, over 205,000 people subscribe to my daily email newsletters. Plus, I continue to write each day on my blog at and deliver valuable motivation and inspiration to the tens of thousands of men and women just like you on Facebook.

However, despite helping thousands of men and women transform with those workouts, I’ve saved my best work for last in your new at-home fat burning workout program. This new system, based on the Ultimate Fat Loss Key, is going to give you your fastest results ever without a single piece of equipment.

But first, before we reveal the secret key, we need to take a look at what you believe to be true right now. Only by exposing the myths of the fat loss world can we finally end up at the truth.

What If Everything You’ve Been Told About Exercise Is Wrong?

What if 99% of fat loss workouts really are a complete WASTE of time?

Well, according to the latest research studies, it looks like almost everyone in the entire exercise and fitness industry has ALL been fooled.

In fact, one study found that 300 hours of cardio per year helped men lose only 6 pounds (and women lost only 4 pounds). (Reference: Obesity 15:1496-1512, 2007)

So that’s about 50 hours of cardio per pound of weight lost – at BEST!

And those folks were training an hour per day, six days per week. Who has that kind of time for exercise? Let alone the time you’d need to add just in getting to the gym, changing, showering, and then adding a stop-off at Starbucks on the way home. That’s practically an entire morning, afternoon, or evening WASTED.

fatigued-of-cardio-stuffListen, long, slow, boring cardio workouts do NOT work. Instead, the only workouts that do work are based on the Ultimate Fat Loss Key.

But here’s the GOOD NEWS.

It’s not hard to apply the Ultimate Fat Loss Key to your workouts. And it doesn’t cost any money. It’s not a piece of equipment. It’s not a magic supplement. It’s not a pill nor a potion, it’s neither a bell nor a ball nor a strap. It’s not limited to Hollywood celebrities, or executives that can pay for high-priced one-on-one personal training.

You don’t have to go to a 5am bootcamp workout for it, and even better, once you know this secret you can even cancel your fancy – and expensive – gym membership (if you want).

The Ultimate Fat Loss Key is available to everyone, anytime, and anywhere.

And most important, it’s available to you right NOW.

Once you have this Ultimate Fat Loss Key in your possession, you’ll literally be just minutes away from turning on your body’s almost unlimited fat burning potential.

Lady PosingWith this Insider knowledge you can finally burn all the belly fat you’ve wanted, getting double, triple, or yes, even QUADRUPLE the results from this system.

So if you don’t already have the Ultimate Fat Loss Key, don’t worry.

As I mentioned before this key is uncommon knowledge – that’s why it’s a secret! In fact, it’s an idea that not even many of the so-called gurus or experts even fully understand.

But the Ultimate Fat Loss Key IS a prized possession of those that do know. Some even call it their “Precious”, and guard it as tightly as Gollum did the golden ring at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

And it’s because (again, through no fault of your own) this key was kept hidden from you for so long that you’ve struggled all of these months, years, and perhaps even decades to finally get control over your belly fat. But now you can finally banish that belly fat so that the ripped body trapped underneath can be free.

That’s why I’m here today, (as the Keymaster, I suppose you could call me), to deliver the Ultimate Fat Loss Key to you. As a contributor to Men’s Health magazine for over 12 years, I’ve tried to share the key with as many men and women all over the world as I could.

But…you see, there’s a problem when working with the big magazines. The problem is space, and the enemy is the editor. They’re always cutting out the real secrets to fat loss because there’s no room on the page.

We just need some exercises,” they always say dismissively, “We’ll fill in the rest. You just go back to the gym and train your clients.”

And so the truth is out there. The secret is there for the telling. The key is finally yours to be had.

But you need to understand why what you’re doing now is not working. And as you do, the key will begin to be revealed…

5 Scary Reasons to AVOID Cardio

To give you the truth on cardio for fat loss we need to make a little side journey deep down into my fat burning research lab. It’s where you’ll discover a tsunami of scientific studies that give us 5 more scary reasons to cut traditional cardio from your fat loss workouts.

This breaking research just goes to show you that unless you are training for endurance sports (like marathons that ruin your body), there’s practically no good reason to engage in long, slow cardio (especially really long sessions as you’ll discover in a moment).

First up, let’s take a look at why cardio fails as much as Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

(I’m saving the scariest study for last.)

In a study titled, “Why do individuals not lose more weight from an exercise intervention at a defined dose? An energy balance analysis“, researchers found that weight loss from cardio was always lower than predicted (using a standard calories in vs. calories out approach).

The article, published in Obesity Reviews (Vol. 13 Issue 6), explained that cardio doesn’t work for FOUR reasons:

  • 1 Some people eat more when they start a cardio program
  • 2 Calorie burning at rest often decreases with cardio
  • 3 Calorie-burning lean tissue is often lost
  • 4 Cardio programs cause you to do less activity over the day

So if you’re still trying to lose fat with cardio, those are the reasons why it’s not working.

  • 5 But that’s not all. Let me tell you about the fifth and final – and downright terrifying – reason to stop doing cardio. Just take a look at these findings.

In a study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings (Vol. 87(6):587-95), researchers concluded that there are potential harmful effects from excessive endurance exercise.

Frankly, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. After all, what happens when you do a long workout?

Well, your muscles get really sore, right? And that’s called muscle damage.

Now think for a second…what is your heart?

It’s a muscle.

Therefore, when you do long cardio workouts, your heart experiences a LOT of muscle damage, and over the long-term this can damage your heart.

The researchers from the Mid America Heart Institute of Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, MO, said that while regular, short workouts are fine for your heart, it’s those long cardio workouts that can cause “pathologic” changes in the heart and large arteries.

Pathological is bad, very bad. Now you’ve heard the phrase “pathological liar”, right? Well, just imagine someone with a pathological heart. That can kill you.

Worse, they found that if done for years, long cardio workouts create “patchy myocardial fibrosis” and could lead to arrhythmias.


So clearly, cardio is just NOT worth it.

As the lead researcher and cardiologist in that study wisely said, “When people come to me and say they want to run a marathon I say, ‘OK, do one and cross it off your bucket list and then let’s focus on an exercise pattern that’s more ideal to producing long-term health benefits and improving your longevity.”

But if long, slow, boring cardio doesn’t work, what’s left to burn fat?

For this, we begin our discovery of what works with another research study showing the fat burning power of interval training.

In the study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness (Vol. 52(3):255-62), sixty overweight young women were separated into three groups.

Group 1 did a high intensity interval training (HIIT) program
Group 2 did moderate intensity continuous training (MICT)
Group 3 was a non-training control group.

Groups 1 & 2 trained five days per week for 12 weeks. The researchers concluded that the interval group achieved better results than those in the cardio group.

And in a second and even better study from the School of Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales in beautiful Australia, a research team led by Professor Steve Boutcher discovered that there was one specific form of short, burst exercise that not only allowed you to burn belly fat, but this form of exercise even allowed you to OUT-TRAIN a bad diet.

In this study, 45 obese Australian women were separated into one of two groups:

Group A performed three 20-minute interval training workouts per week using a special bike that allowed them to perform an 8-second interval followed by 12 seconds of recovery (light cycling). This was repeated over and over for the 20 minute workout.

Group B performed 40 minutes of slow, steady-state cardio three times per week. Please note that this group exercised TWICE as long as the interval training group.Shape of a female body

Quite frankly, the results were remarkable. Despite continuing with their bad diet, the interval training group lost a significant amount of fat from their bellies, legs, and even their butts.

However, the steady cardio group didn’t lose fat at all (in fact, one subject even gained 2.2 pounds after 15 weeks of slow cardio).

It’s also important to note that NO changes were made to their diet. Now as you might know, I’ve often said that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

But one subject, named Louise, still managed to lose over 15 pounds with her short, burst interval training even without changing her terrible eating habits.

In fact, she was quoted as saying this about her nutrition during the study, “My diet was pretty bad back then, with lots of sweets, lots of junk food. I kept eating the same things, doughnuts and sugar, it was awful.”

So Louise was able to out-train a bad diet with short workouts. And so can YOU. With the Ultimate Fat Loss Key you can still burn belly fat even if you can’t stick to any kind of diet!

Do you see the key yet?

If not, don’t worry.

And no, it’s NOT interval training using cardio equipment!

It’s something much, much better than that.

To reveal a little more about the secret, we need to take a look at this shocking study from the Journal of Applied Physiology in Nutrition and Metabolism (Volume 37(6):1124-31). Canadian researchers at Queen’s University tested a Home-Workout-Revolution style program against 30 minutes of long cardio.

In the experiment, 22 college-aged women did 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks in one of three groups.

Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate

Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single bodyweight exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squat thrusts) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.

Group C did nothing (they were the non-training control group).

The results?

Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%). That’s right, the short bodyweight workouts (of 4 minutes) worked just as well as 30 minutes of cardio even though they were SEVEN times shorter. Shocking.

BUT…it was only Group B – those that did the bodyweight exercises – that also increased muscular endurance in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit-ups, and push-ups.

And finally, this short, burst style of training used by Group B also resulted in greater overall workout enjoyment compared to the cardio group.

The groundbreaking scientists concluded that “extremely low volume bodyweight interval-style training” will boost cardiovascular fitness just as well as cardio while giving you BETTER improvements in muscle endurance…

…all in just 4 minutes.

So what was the secret to success in this study?

Well, it was the Ultimate Fat Loss Key at work!


Using this key, you can finally achieve…

Rapid Results in 19 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 12 Minutes and even just FOUR Minutes per Workout…

photo-right-model“C’mon, Craig”, you must be thinking, “No one works out in under 20 minutes and actually gets results, let alone in just 4 minutes.”

I understand your skepticism. Even when I read that research study from these respected scientists there was still a part of me that had its doubts.

After all, as a writer for Men’s Health magazine since the summer of 2000 I’ve seen my fair share of fitness fads come and go. Plus, as an Exercise Physiology graduate student in the prestigious McMaster University Kinesiology program, I was trained to be skeptical and to scrutinize the findings of every groundbreaking research study that landed on my desk.

Along the way I’ve also become one of the most HATED fitness experts in the world. More about that in a second…

There was only one way to find out if these short metabolic workouts worked, and that was to put them to the test. The findings of these tests?

Well, it’s safe to say that it’s now a PROVEN FACT that the shorter and more intense your workouts the better the results you are going to get.

You’ll get fast results from the short Home Workout Revolution programs because you’ll harness the power of the Ultimate Fat Loss Key, and this involves taking your workouts to the NEXT level with the power of…

Metabolic DENSITY Training.

You see, DENSITY is the Ultimate Fat Loss Key.

It’s about getting you the most intense metabolic work in the least amount of time…not just by moving fast between exercises, but also by manipulating the work and rest periods to get the maximum density burn within a single exercise. Only the true fat loss experts know the secrets you’re about to use in these workouts.

As you know, fat loss is not just about the calories burned on a cardio machine. As you just read above, research study after research study has concluded that “weight loss isn’t what it’s supposed to be” after a cardio program.

Thousands of research subjects and millions of men and women in the REAL world have burned tens of thousands of calories doing BORING cardio only to end up with little or no weight loss. Cardio just doesn’t make sense for fat loss because it doesn’t have…


Pushup WorkoutAnd the power of the Ultimate Fat Loss Key can be explained by science. You see, density leads to biochemical and hormonal changes.

These biochemical changes in your body – something you can’t really see, hear, feel, or measure with a calorie-burning tool – are what cause you to lose fat and gain lean muscle, and improve your cardiovascular performance.

Density increases specific enzymes in your muscles (specifically ones like citrate synthase in the mitochondria – energy creation powerhouses – of your muscles) and that increases your fitness and post-exercise calorie burn.

I’ve been doing research (including literal “in the lab” experiments) on these biochemical changes from Density workouts since 1998. I’ve literally put subjects through extensive workouts, taken muscle biopsies (small chunks of their quadriceps muscles), then sliced up those biopsies and studied them under a microscope and run them through experiments to determine fiber type and citrate synthase levels.

Those experiments in the lab, combined with seventeen years of personal training experience in Density workouts have given me first-hand knowledge how effective this system is…and that’s why I’m sharing it with you.

That’s why doing as little as four minutes of intense exercise using a DENSITY workout system can be as effective as doing thirty minutes of low-intensity exercise.

Density training causes deep fatigue within the muscle, even though you are only training for a few minutes at a time. When this happens within your muscle and eventually spreading throughout your entire cardiovascular system, your body responds by adapting to Density training by getting fitter and leaner faster than ever.

Your body says, “Holy Smoked Muscles, Batman! I need to shed body fat fast and get in shape to be prepared for these incredible Density workouts in the future. And hey, belly fat, time for you to hit the road. We can’t have any dead weight around here if old brain up there is going to choose to train with these Home Workout Revolution programs again!”

That’s EXACTLY what your body says. 🙂

So you see, the power of Density workouts gives you rapid, long-lasting results.

That’s the POWER of the Home Workout Revolution system, with its 20-10 workouts, new and unique supersets and circuits, incomplete recovery, MRT, MCT, and bodyweight interval circuits. All of these come together in the TT Metabolic Density programs to deliver the Ultimate Fat Loss Key and your best results ever.

Density is that powerful. It will be the difference maker in helping you crush any fat loss plateau you might be struggling with, even though you are working out less and using NO-equipment.

Welcome to the Inner Circle of Fat Loss Knowledge.

Welcome to your best results EVER!

Now let’s unlock your fat burning potential with the Power of Density – The Ultimate Fat Loss Key.

Read what these folks achieved when they added the Ultimate Fat Loss Key from my workouts:

I lost 8 pounds in 12 weeks

I lost 8 pounds in 12 weeks with the Home Workout Revolution program. Really enjoyed it. I’m really happy with the fat loss (5-6%). My starting weight was 162 lbs and my ending weight was 154 lbs while maintaining my muscle. Overall I’m really happy.

Jim Talbert
The HWR systems have been one of the best investments I've made in pursuit of my fitness goals...

CB, As a public management professional, my time is at a premium. With all if the services I’m responsible for delivering on a daily basis and the cacophony of voices demanding more and more, I’ve little time for myself or my family. I’ve always been able to find time for my wife and children. She’s a medical professional who commutes and works at least 3 days a week. My children are ages 6, 3 and 20 months old. As you can probably imagine, this time in their lives is not only incredibly fun but time consuming as well. It’s the “me time” that’s been hard to come by.

The HWR systems have been one of the best investments I’ve made in pursuit of my fitness goals. I’m left with no excuses when some workouts take – literally – less than 15 mins. I know I can get a great workout in that amount of time and that I’m not feel shortchanged. Plus, they’re extremely enjoyable. Thank you for such great product.

Josh Jones
You solved one of my major problems...

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks sooo much for the Home workout revolution. I had been looking for something I could do with my kids to teach them more about getting and staying in shape and so far they are enjoying it and ask if we are working out each day! Also, today you solved one of my major problems. My son can’t do a squat correctly to save his life but your ball squat trick made it possible! Yeah!!! (FYI my kids are 14 & 12.) So plenty old enough to be able to master a squat I thought! Thanks so much for the videos they are making it sooo much easier for them to learn proper form than me telling them and them getting frustrated. I love Home Workout Revolution!

Kelly Barnett

Your workouts gave me back my life
“Short burst exercise has opened my mind up to a better way of getting in shape and loosing weight. I am spending much less time in the gym, and obtaining results that I never thought possible – over 30 pounds in 6 weeks with your workouts. I have more energy, feel better, and no longer suffer bouts of depression. Your workouts gave me back my life…” – Charles Hiller Jr

If aerobics were effective I should have been as thin as a stick and I wasn’t!
“As an aerobics teacher since the age of 16, it has been extremely hard for me to accept that Intervals are the most effective fat burning method of training. However, I realised after reading on your site that if aerobics were effective I should have been as thin as a stick and I wasn’t! Since switching to your workouts I have not only lost over 28 pounds, I am fitter than I have ever been and am wondering why people bother with aerobics for fat loss!” – Annette Hall

I now have a better body than before my kids
“I went to classes at the gym for years and years and after my second baby really struggled to get the weight off the classes gave me no success and I looked at the ladies who I had seen doing the same classes for years hadn’t changed either so I started researching and found out about short, burst workouts and thought it sounded great as it was proved effective and I could workout in nearly quarter of the time and it worked I very quickly lost 6 dress sizes and am now have a better body than before my kids I have gone on and helped some friends get the same results and am now finishing study to become a PT so I can show all the other mums how simple it can be to get a great body with clean eating and short, burst workouts.” – Joanna Taunton

And this is all made possible using a specific style of workout that incorporates the Ultimate Fat Loss Key that you will NOT find at your local gym or in the magazines.

But Do Bodyweight Workouts Really Work?

“Oh c’mon, I’ve tried bodyweight workouts before and they didn’t work. What’s so special about YOUR bodyweight workouts?” you might be thinking.

That’s a great question, and I can certainly see where you’re coming from. After all, thousands of men and women have used my programs to finally break through stubborn weight loss plateaus. They’ve dropped those last 5-15 pounds using my proven fat loss key workouts after trying dozens of other programs.

But after helping tens of thousands of men and women transform their bodies, and after helping dozens of men and women – of all ages – win my Transformation Contests with bodyweight exercise programs, there can be no denying the power of a proven bodyweight program for fat loss.

Lost 3 Pounds and 1.4% Body Fat While Going to the Gym Less
Demond Thompson testimonial photo

Doing Turbulence Training was a different paradigm for me. I used to go to the gym 4-5 times a week for weight training, and I never did cardio. For the past 12 weeks, I only went to the gym 3 times per week and added interval training, which really kicked up the fat loss. What I’m really excited about is that I gained in the areas I wanted to (except chest), and I lost inches in the places I wanted to.

Demond Thompson
Lost 22 Pounds and 7.35% Body Fat
John Simpson testimonial photo

I began training for an upcoming Warrior Dash in Sept with my teenage son. This was a big help as I wanted to set a good example for him and it would be hard to encourage him if I was eating poorly and skipping workouts. Doing this with someone else is a major plus… and finally for the first time in my life I have six-pack abs.

John Simpson
Fits into Her Jeans Again After Losing 21 Pounds and 9.5 Inches
Cleo Jahraus testimonial photo

While I wasn’t feeling horrible about myself, or my weight, I knew that I could do better for myself… What I discovered from the Turbulence Training “Body Sculpting for Women” and “Booty for Wife” programs is that when you’re enjoying what you’re doing, workouts seem less like ‘work’ and more like ‘fun’… Thanks Craig – I can fit into those jeans again!

Cleo Jahraus
Lost 16.8 Pounds of Pure Fat
Mark Rogers testimonial photo

My goal was to lose 13 pounds of fat, and I surpassed that goal. I lost 16.8 pounds of pure fat and gained 1.3 pounds of lean body mass using the Turbulence Training 6-Month Bodyweight Manual Phases 1 through 4, as well as following almost all of the 25 nutrition tips contained in that manual… I’m thrilled with my transformation!

Mark Rogers
Challenged Herself and Lost 11 Pounds and 3.6% Body Fat
Heather Louch testimonial photo

When I pick a challenging TT workout, I am happiest. When I select workouts that are too easy for me, I slide into a lazy zone. I wanted to avoid the lazy zone… I needed to lose about 10 lbs to get back the body I had at the end of April… and I achieved that goal and can now easily fit back into the clothes that I was wearing in April without any uncomfortable snugness or unsightly bulges of flesh.

Heather Louch
Lost 51 Pounds and Gained a New Lease on Life
Marcus Tironi testimonial photo

I feel like a different and better person with a new lease on life. I have lost 51 pounds but I know the fight is not over… In my opinion, even more important than myself starting down the right path as far as exercise and nutrition is the effect it has had on my immediate family. My wife and two sons ages 10 and 12 have decided they want this lifestyle.

Marcus Tironi
Lost 12 Pounds While Finding Her Solution to Cardio
Dawne Livingstone testimonial photo

I have always believed in order to succeed I needed to be on the treadmill for at least an hour a session… I was not sure that this short of a workout would work. Well I tried it for a few weeks and loved it. I then started to do the Interval Training sessions and this was definitely my solution for the cardio part of an exercise program.

Dawne Livingstone
Lost 18 Pounds and 4 Inches Around His Waist
Rob McCann testimonial photo

I’m back to a weight that I’ve only seen once since those first years out of college. My pants are all loose. My belt is pulled up to the last hole, and it’s time to go get some smaller jeans and dress pants so I don’t look like I’m trying to sag like the younger folks… Finishing the contest and accomplishing that goal only gives me more motivation to set new goals and accomplish them, too!

Rob McCann
No Longer Skeptical After Losing 6 Pounds
Ana Maria Olvera Rodriguez testimonial photo

I didn’t know if this was going to work, but now I can see and say that it works and works really well… It’s hard for me to believe that I have lost all this weight, but when I go shopping I note that I need to look for different sizes. I used to buy clothes at a store where the smallest size is 14, now I enter that store and they tell me that I won’t find my size there, I enjoy that, now I need to look for new stores.

Ana Maria Olvera Rodriguez
Crazy Busy Father of Four Loses 36 Pounds and 8.2% Body Fat
Terry Hoover testimonial photo

In 12 weeks, this crazy busy 42 year old father of four (and husband of one) went from a very out of shape 250 pounds to a getting fit 214 pounder. I lost 36 pounds, 6.5 inches off my waist, and reduced my bodyfat over 8%. I’m still a crazy busy father of four, but, with the help of Craig and Turbulence Training, I’ve figured out how to incorporate a very effective fitness routine into my schedule.

Terry Hoover
Lost 12 Pounds and Feels Like a New Person
Sadie testimonial photo

Never thought I could reach the point where I could do 48 pushups and 60 squats in a single workout!!! Those kinds of milestones really motivated me to do more, and work harder to achieve my goal… There is a new me, one who is confident and prepared to make any changes necessary to achieve whatever I desire in my life.

Lost 30.5 Pounds and 11% Body Fat
Tamas testimonial photo

Turbulence Training was a Christmas gift from my son, and I wanted to prove to myself, and my family, that I really could stick to the plan and achieve great results. I started working out and realized that with proper nutrition and brief, demanding resistance training (TT Training), I could get more work done, have better overall energy, and improve my blood markers.

Gave TT a Try and Ended Up Losing 12 Pounds and 3.5 Inches
Kes Smith testimonial photo

At first I was reluctant to try Turbulence Training because it involved weight lifting. Like a lot of women, I felt like I would end up looking like Arnie. I decided to give it a try… and I was impressed! I lost a lot of ugly belly fat and inches off my waist and even my thighs. I got more into the weight lifting and I was hooked on trying to bump up my performance. I wasn’t getting bulky, I was getting toned!

Kes Smith
Lost 6 Pounds and 4.5% Body Fat
Susannah testimonial photo

After years of trying to find a fitness program that worked for me, I finally found Turbulence Training… I was looking for a scaled-down (in terms of time – who has 4 hours to work out, like we did in high school?), but still tough, program. The payoff has been worth it. I’ve seen rapid progress in my fitness… I look better in clothes… My friends, coworkers, boyfriend and mom all noticed right away.

Lost 31.7 Pounds and 30.75 Inches using Bodyweight Cardio
Jason Davie testimonial photo

I was sedentary, overweight and unhappy. After much deliberation and putting my excuses aside I began my Turbulence Training Transformation… Let me just say straight up that I have lost 31.7 pounds and almost 31 inches from my body in under 12 weeks! With Turbulence Training, I can use it anywhere and anytime without any equipment, in fact, I used Bodyweight Cardio all week while I was away camping.

Jason Davie
Lost 6 Pounds and 3% Body Fat at the Age of 51
Kerry Zelanka testimonial photo

This challenge has given me the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle, and I have gotten concrete results. Losing a few pounds, and looking better in the mirror is most rewarding, but from a total health standpoint, the change in my bloodwork at my yearly physical exam was totally gratifying. I owe that to the TT lifestyle.

Kerry Zelanka

What if Short Workouts Don’t Work for Me?

Unfortunately, 99% of the short workout programs created by so-called experts fail to incorporate the Ultimate Fat Loss Key. That’s the #1 reason you weren’t able to lose fat with short workouts in the past. Short workouts MUST have the Ultimate Fat Loss Key for you to succeed.

But when you DO use the Ultimate Fat Loss Key in your short workouts – no matter if it’s 19 minutes, 12 minutes or even just 4 minutes – then you’ll unlock your fat-burning potential, doubling (if not tripling) the impact of those precious few minutes. The KEY is what’s missing from other programs.

Here’s EXACTLY What Does Work

abs photoIn the Home Workout Revolution program, you’re going to finally burn fat fast and get back in shape even faster than ever before, and you don’t need ANY expensive gym equipment, cardio machines or even a single set of dumbbells.

You’ll use metabolic workouts that keep your metabolism elevated for over 36 hours, allowing you to burn fat while you’re at the office, in your car driving to work, at home relaxing, or even while you’re in bed sleeping.

Plus, your fat burning will be enhanced all day long by the incredible natural boost in energy that you’ll get from these short workouts. These short workouts won’t leave you drained or exhausted like the other 60 minute, 6-days per week programs that you see on TV…

Instead, you’ll find yourself with more energy for getting more done and able to keep up with your kids – and even the demands of your spouse (!) all day – and all night – long. With these new increases in energy, you’ll literally boost your body’s fat burning with a 24/7 extreme metabolism increase.

Why Gym Owners HATE Me

As you’ll see when you do these follow-along workouts with me, there’s no reason to have your expensive gym membership any longer. That $20, $30, or even $50 that you normally spend each month – not to mention the 20 or 30 minute round trips to and from the gym plus parking – is going to be saved, not wasted.

And that’s why gym owners hate me and one of the reasons I’ve become the most disliked fitness expert in the world (there are even websites devoted to lashing out at me and my workouts).

You see, these at-home fat burning workouts have given tens of thousand of people a good enough reason to ditch the big, stinky, germ-infested commercial gyms for good.

Once you go with the Home Workout Revolution system, you’ll never go back to the gym. The Home Workout Revolution program will save you time AND money, guaranteed.

And not only will you be told how to do these workouts, but you’ll also get EVERY single workout in video format so that you can follow along with each and every repetition.

mike whitfield, CTT & brian kalakay, CTTHere’s why it’s so important to have follow-along workout videos. A study from the University of Pittsburgh showed that those who work out with a partner lose a third more weight than those who go it alone.

That’s what you’ll get with these follow-along videos. But these are even better than just having a workout partner, because you’ll be training with me, or one of my Certified Turbulence Trainers, Mike Whitfield or Brian Kalakay. You’ll get the inspiration you need to get through every workout while doing every exercise with proper form with expert instruction.

Best of all, you get to do the workouts on your OWN schedule and in the comfort of your OWN home…rather than relying on a workout partner to show up on time to the sweaty germ-infested gym packed with other often rude members.

Many Programs Work IF You Give
Them Enough Time, BUT…

…All other metabolic “at home” workouts require a significant investment in additional fitness equipment simply to perform workouts (e.g., dumbbells, pull-up bars, yoga blocks, all conveniently sold by the same company that sold you their at-home workouts).

Here’s how the TT Home Workout Revolution (HWR) System stacks up against popular as-seen-on-TV methods:

But the most important problem with other programs is that they don’t take maximum advantage of the Ultimate Fat Loss Key.

Sure, you’ll get results if you stick to the 60-minute workouts done six days per week, but remember what the research shows about shorter workouts. If you cut the workout time in half, you’ll also get incredible results.

And with those long workouts come a HUGE increase in the number of people that drop out of those programs for many reasons.

BIG PROBLEM #1: The workouts are too long

First, they just don’t have the time to commit to 60-minute workouts. There are kids to feed and get off to school, a commute to deal with, and an overbearing boss to please that demands overtime.

All of these cut into the hour demanded by these fitness experts for their programs to work. But you don’t need an hour when you have the Ultimate Fat Loss Key.

BIG PROBLEM #2: The workouts are too frequent

The second reason dropout increases with these other programs is because you have to exercise a LOT – up to 6 days per week for over an hour – just to get these excessive programs to work.

Sure you can find an hour twice a week (often on weekends when you’d rather be doing other things), but six times a week? Forget it. You just don’t have the time or desire to be working out that much.

You’re not a pro athlete that doesn’t have a ‘real’ job or that has to do the grocery shopping for a family. You live in the real world, not in La-La-Land like the guru’s Hollywood clients.

BIG PROBLEM #3: The workouts lead to overuse injuries

And finally, and perhaps most frustratingly, a third reason that men and women just like you drop out of those hour-per day, six-days-per-week programs is because they get an overuse injury – that happens when you do the same thing over and over and over again and your body wears out.

When you train that often with that much exercise (usually using moves that should not be done over-and-over-again), you’re going to get hurt.

The only people that really benefit from these excessive programs are those in the health care field.

As one of my friends, a chiropractor, said to me, “Yeah, I love (name of high-volume, long-workout fitness program withheld). That program sends me so many injured clients because they do too much exercise too soon. My clinic wouldn’t be so busy without it..”

That’s NOT the kind of reputation you want about your workout.

The bottom line is that you simply do NOT need to train six hours per week to lose fat and get ripped, and you won’t ever have to again, once you understand the Ultimate Fat Loss Key and put it to work to boost the metabolism in your body.

But Wait, There’s Still One More Reason…

Now that you know the reasons to avoid working out so much (and you’ve likely had that feeling for a long time prior to reading this article), there’s still one more argument to make in the case for only using workouts based around the Ultimate Fat Loss Key.

You see, other comparable systems (and they are only modestly comparable) will set you back more than the price of a yearlong gym membership.

One program costs THREE payments of over $109. Another costs $89.95 PLUS shipping. These prices make it no better than hitting up a gym membership to use cardio machines each month.

But when you start with the Home Workout Revolution System, you won’t pay $109, and you certainly won’t make three payments. But neither will you pay $89, and you won’t even have to make two payments. Heck, you won’t even have to make one payment of $109.

Instead, you’ll get the complete Home Workout Revolution System for just a single investment of $47.00 – easily giving you TEN times the value in return.

In fact, it will cost you less to use one of these fat burning workouts (less than 99 cents each) than to download your favorite song from iTunes (99 cents per song) to listen to as you power through the amazing workouts.

How Much Would it Cost to Hire a Trainer
That Doesn’t Know the Ultimate Fat Loss Key?

What’s the going rate for a trainer in your town or city? $45 per session? $65? $100 for 30 minutes? Back when I trained clients all day long in downtown Toronto, a single personal trainer session with a new trainer that had just been certified over a weekend course started at $65 per session! That’s NOT a typo.

4 min miracle program coverSo for less than the cost of just one single session with a BEGINNER personal trainer (that certainly doesn’t know the Ultimate Fat Loss Key), you’ll get the PROVEN Home Workout Revolution System that will last you a lifetime.

Plus the Home Workout Revolution System delivers support and accountability (through the follow-along videos) and the Ultimate Fat Loss Key so that you can burn more fat and triple your results in just a fraction of the time that other programs take.

If you were to pay a mediocre trainer just $65 a session for 51 workouts, you would invest over $3,315. And would they guarantee your results? Or better yet – would their workouts take less than 20 minutes of your day?

Heck no, there’d be no guarantee and you’d have to invest at least 90 minutes in the entire process of getting to the gym, doing the working, hitting Starbucks, and then getting back home. It’s just not worth it. Not when you have the Ultimate Fat Loss Key at your disposal in the comfort of your own home.

In the Home Workout Revolution System, You’ll Get:

51 Follow-Along NO-Equipment Home Workouts

You’ll burn more fat in less time with these proven workouts that use the Ultimate Fat Loss Key. Not only that, but you’ll be going through each set and rep under the instruction of a Certified Turbulence Trainer – and doing many of the works along with me and I battle through the program with you. It’s like having the entire Turbulence Training Team in your house training with you as your workout partners. The workouts can be watched on your computer, iPad or iPod, for an amazing workout done anywhere, anytime.

The Home Workout Revolution Program Guide

Not only will you have 51 done-for-you workouts, but you’ll also receive a 12-week schedule that will show you exactly what workouts to use on what days. It doesn’t get more done-for-you than this. All you do is press play and burn fat.

The Home Workout Revolution Exercise Guide

But there’s more to it than just the exercises. Inside this bonus manual, you’ll discover not only the exercise photos and descriptions, but you’ll also learn how you can use these workouts with YOUR favorite workout program. That’s right. If you have a favorite workout program, you don’t have to give it up. I’ll explain how you can use the Home Workout Revolution System and the Ultimate Fat Loss Key to enhance the fat burning effects of your current program for faster results.

The Strength & Muscle Accelerator Workout Videos

You’ll get three more follow-along workout videos where you’ll discover EXACTLY what to do if you also want to build strength and muscle mass to go along you’re your rapid fat burning results. You’ll discover the power of the “Anabolic Trio” and more to chisel lean, sexy muscle while dropping belly fat. And YES, these workouts also use the Ultimate Fat Loss Key.

The Ultimate Fat Loss Key Nutrition Plan

It’s not your fault that past nutrition plans have failed you. They were far too complicated and hard to follow.

Thankfully, you can also put the Ultimate Fat Loss Key to work for you in your fat burning diet. This simple nutrition plan is so easy to follow that you’ll be able to use it no matter how busy your life is today. You won’t have to prepare 6 meals each day and haul around a cooler at work. Instead, you’ll discover how to enjoy your favorite foods without the guilt (or the belly fat).

You’ll shed fat fast with a powerful combination of these workouts and this easy-to-follow, but aggressive nutrition plan that will shed even the most stubborn fat.

4-Minute Metabolic Miracles & 6-Minute Six-Packers

Whether you’re short on time or you just want to take your workout to another level, these FOURTEEN 4-minute miracle workouts are guaranteed to put maximum metabolic stress on your muscles for a killer post-workout calorie after-burn.

You’ll also get SIX 6-minute six-packers you can add to the end of your workout or use as an off-day workout to chisel rock hard abs and a rock solid core. No crunches. No sit-ups. Just 6 minutes of the most effective ab-shredding exercises.

Only $47 (One Time Payment)
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What Kind of Results Can You Expect to Achieve?

I love the fact I can do it anywhere

I am really enjoying HWR and feeling fitter and stronger with every workout. I love the fact I can do it anywhere…At home with no equipment, if I’m traveling for work or at the gym using weights for the strength and muscle accelerators.

Tom from Hong Kong
I really enjoy the HWR workouts

I really enjoy the HWR workouts. They get me huffing and puffing in no time and I don’t leave the house.

Naeem Sader
Anywhere I have my computer or even IPhone, there is a workout waiting.

Your HWR program is awesome. I thought I had to go to the gym to get in shape. Since getting your program, the world of compact, fun (but hard!), interesting and, oh, so effective workouts has opened to me. No more excuses. I have heard this so many times but finally feel it is applying to me. Anywhere I have my computer or even IPhone, there is a workout waiting. This program has given me the kick in the butt to finally commit. This follow-along program makes all the difference. Now I WANT to work out. Getting off the couch was such a chore before. Now I look forward to it. Thanks for the great program!

Lisa Zuk
Craig, you are a life saver!

Craig, you are a life saver! Being a busy working mom I don’t have a lot of time to work out or go to the gym. I tried P90X, Taebo and many other workouts but can never stick with it because of the length of the program. Additionally, in most cases I had to exercise almost every day and I thought ‘Where is my life?’. I was never as excited as I am now because of your follow-along videos. When started the workouts my muscles were sore but I loved it. I am into my 2nd week of performing the exercises and I already have some definition in my thighs and abs. I lost 4lbs last week too. I look forward to doing these exercises because of the variation in length; they are not long and I feel as if I worked out for an hour and the fact that you are there sweating it out with me. I intend to continue until the 12 weeks are up and beyond that because they truly rock. I can’t wait to to show off my new body after 12 weeks. Thanks Craig.

Annmarie from Trinidad
Your workouts are generally more time efficient

I’ve also done P90X and some of Tony Horton’s other programs which I’ve enjoyed but your workouts are generally more time efficient. Enjoy your e-mails and personal stories as well.

Dan Calabrese

She Built Movie Star Arms and Did Her First Chin-up
“Craig’s workouts were fun and challenging – and I wasn’t overly sore after our sessions. And my co-stars couldn’t believe how great my arms looked thanks to Craig helping me do my first chin-up. Thanks Craig!” – Rachel Nichols, Actress, Model

I can remember thinking at the time that the bodyweight training didn’t look very hard and I wondered whether I would get a sufficiently intense workout just from that form of training. Anyway I decided to try them and I can’t believe how effective they are. What I love about them is the intensity of the workout combined with time efficiency and you don’t need to visit a gym to do it.

P.S. I live in Australia and many people attending the gym I go to are doing the same old traditional workouts, particularly the females (no weights, only long slow cardio). I actually feel sorry for them (the guys included) because I’ve been there and done that & it wasn’t very effective. Now I have Turbulence Training and it makes all the difference.” – Joy Dondey

“Bodyweight exercises are deceptively hard and have gotten me the strongest I’ve been in my life. I can’t thank you enough for all your great programs, exercise and health tips.” – Lisa Grivers, Personal Trainer

Skeptical Former-Bodybuilder Gets “Pump” at Home
“At first I was skeptical about trying Craig’s Bodyweight program, but man was I surprised! The workout was a refreshing change from going to the gym (I did it at home in my living room) and the exercises were very challenging, you’ll be surprised at the pump you get from doing an entire workout with only your body as resistance.” – Brad Pilon,

Exercise Physiologist, Dr. Phillips, Uses Bodyweight Workouts for an Awesome Cardiovascular Challenge
“The bodyweight workouts provide an awesome cardiovascular challenge as well as a big shock for your muscles. They work, they’re based on good science and good planning. Bodyweight workouts are great when I can’t make it to the gym or I’m traveling and have to work in some crummy hotel gym. This fall I found myself in St. Louis in a hotel with an old squeaky multi-station Nautilus machine and two broken exercise bikes, so I thought a bodyweight workout might serve as a welcome but ‘mild’ alternative to the usual turbulence workouts; yeah, big surprise! I could hardly move after doing the workout and had to do my presentation that morning on legs of jello with my arms shaking like a sewing machine!! Man the workouts are awesome, keep ’em coming.” – Stuart M. Phillips, Ph.D..


If you don’t lose every single pound of ugly fat you EVER wanted with this system or if you simply don’t LOVE the workouts for ANY reason, not only can you keep the digital workouts (because we know you’ll eventually come back to using the Ultimate Fat Loss Key for results), but we’ll also give you every single cent back.

You can try the Home Workout Revolution System for a full 60 days. If you are not satisfied at any time during those 60-days, just let me know and we’ll send you a full refund. Even if you order the DVD or Booklets and within your 60 days decide you don’t want them, you can return those for a full refund also. Every penny back!

You are so well-protected by this Ultimate Key guarantee, and we are so sure that the workouts are going to give you the greatest results ever (after all, they are the only ones that combine the latest in Metabolic Training with the secrets of the Ultimate Fat Loss Key to unlock your fastest fat loss ever), that there is NO risk to you at all.

That’s how confident I am that the Ultimate Fat Loss Key will work for you AND that you will love the workouts. After all, this system has already worked for thousands of men and women just like you.

All You Ever Needed to Unlock Your Body’s Maximum Fat Burning Potential is in These Workouts

You’ve already discovered what doesn’t work and you’ve been frustrated for too long. And you’ve already tried countless other programs that failed you because they were missing the Ultimate Fat Loss Key. It’s time to change that starting right NOW. In fact, you could literally be implementing the Ultimate Fat Loss Key within minutes of getting started. Don’t wait any longer.

Switching to Bodyweight Workouts Leads to Major Changes
“I have, for the most part, had an attitude that BW training must be for the weak and untrained. Needing a change, and stuck not making any progress in improved leanness, I decided to give it a try. What a surprise. The workouts are tough. I’m enjoying them more than weights and intervals (still do a bit of intervals). And … guess what, suddenly I’m seeing major changes in my leanness. Considerably more than I was getting conventionally! With the ways you have to make it tougher, even very strong athletes can experience great challenge. Functional fitness training it is. You are terrific. Keep up the great work.” – David O’Dell

She Has No More Excuses for Skipping Workouts While Traveling
“These bodyweight exercises are GREAT for traveling as well. No more excuses to skip workouts or to stay in shape during vacations, especially to places where free weights are not readily available. Thanks!” – Elle Donato

He Traveled Around the World Using Turbulence Training as His Portable Gym
“Hey, just wanted to let you know that after six months of joy riding through South East Asia, I’ve arrived back in a western country leaner than when I left Canada. As anyone who has traveled that corner of the world can tell you, there are many things you need to ingest that aren’t ideal from a nutrition standpoint. From grasshoppers to spectacular curries to the odd party “bucket”, loaded with booze and Red Bull – and the sugar that goes with it. However, by using your bodyweight routines a couple of times a week, and eating lots of the fresh and varied produce in the markets, I actually arrived in New Zealand in better shape than when I left Canada. The workouts are a great challenge, and convenient enough to do anywhere – including some very dodgy hotel rooms. I also found your daily emails a useful touchstone to remind me that while taking a vacation from work, I didn’t need to stop all of the easy and useful habits that go along with the TT Lifestyle.
Thanks again Craig.” – Patrick O’Reilly, Teacher

“Turbulence Training is phenomenal. Craig’s system has taught me more about bodyweight exercises than I knew was possible. Also with a busy life style he offers exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime with little to no equipment. It is affordable and worthwhile.” – Darren Motuz, Winnipeg Manitoba

Thank you for such a awesome program

I’m into my 3rd week of the HWR program and I can already see a difference. I’m also trying to fast at least once a week. And today is my 2nd fast day. Thank you for such a awesome program. I’m loving it.

I can always find one of Craig's workouts

I bought the original TT a couple years back and love the concepts. More recently, I bought the HWR at release, and finally last week joined the lifetime partnership.

I have a very busy travel schedule for my job. I am in sales so I spend about 125 nights a year in hotels. HWR helped me lose about 25 pounds in the last 8 months. I did it twice, alone the first time through and with the strength and mass accelerators the second time and TT and TT2K3 since then. I don’t always have much time for a workout and a lot of hotel gyms are lacking but I can always find one of Craig’s workouts that fit my scenario.

Adam Dowling
love how efficient it is

On week 4 of HWR and loving it. I can feel myself getting stronger and love how efficient it is. Your eating advice while traveling was really helpful too, and the workouts were perfect for doing in a hotel room. Thanks and look forward to continuing!

Liza Van Cauwenberghe
loved it!

Started TT2.0 today did intermediate 1 and loved it

Maria Marinoaro Mahony
I think this is the best product you've ever created

I’m getting great feedback from my customers on the new TT 2.0 – I think this is the best product you’ve ever created. The layout is awesome and very user friendly.

Kate Vidulich
I finally just decided enough was enough

Having been overweight basically since college, I finally just decided enough was enough and that I needed to lose weight not only for myself, but for my wife and two young kids. As if by divine intervention, within days of making this decision to change my life, I stumbled upon Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program. It was exactly what I needed. My first fasting day was August 1, 2012. On that day I weighed 205 lbs (I am only 5’6″ tall, mind you). By early January 2013 I had lost about 30 lbs! I felt great about my accomplishment, but still felt something was missing. For the next month or so my weight would fluctuate from anywhere between 173-178 lbs. I had hit the wall, I believed, and needed to add a good weight loss exercise program to get me beyond that plateau. Enter your HWR program. I bought it in late February and began the program immediately. Your follow along videos were entertaining, fun, and most importantly, motivating. I looked forward to my workouts with you, Mike, and Brian! While I did not lose a whole bunch of weight per se, I am pretty sure I lost body fat and gained some lean muscle. I did notice that I was looking leaner and my clothes were starting to get a bit looser again, especially my pants. I was getting stronger, and by the last 4 weeks, was starting to show some muscle definition in places I never dreamed I’d ever see them, mainly my upper abs and especially my oblique’s.

Guy Sadkin
The workouts were a perfect fit

Hey Craig – I just finished the final HWR workout and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working through the 12 weeks. The workouts were a perfect fit in the morning before I went to work, and it feels great to have that accomplished first thing in the morning! I am looking forward to diving into other workout programs that you have. Thanks so much for the time and energy that you invest in making this available and supporting those of us who are working through your products here on Facebook. You are a gem and what you produce is just tremendously valuable!

Tina Christie
I feel better after doing the workouts

I am grossly out of shape, but am starting to get consistent with the 4-minute exercises. I am moving it up to twice daily. I feel winded during the workouts, and find it hard to maintain the form correctly, but am making strides in the right direction. I understand the importance of correct form and am striving for it. I feel better after doing the workouts…once I recover. Looking forward to the benefits as I am consistent! Thank you for your kindness creating a workout that even a grossly overweight, older person can do!

Dodi Smith
lost 21lbs and feeling great!

I have been doing the home workout revolution since the beginning of July (and have lost 21lbs) and feeling great!

Abby Miller
I loved HWR so much

Just bought this today because I loved HWR so much. Thanks to you and your team for taking the time to make videos. Really helps a lot

Denise Campbell
Your workouts are a tremendous help in reaching my fitness goals...

Dear Craig, I have not been using your TT Home Revolution very long, but I absolutely LOVE the efficiency and endless progression your workouts provide. I consider myself advanced and your cues and form reminders are absolutely invaluable! The make every workout effective, productive, and amazingly efficient! I am a 43 year old mother of two and I don’t have time to waste time! I also don’t want to spend an hour in the gym! I have a life to live and your workouts are a tremendous help in reaching my fitness goals while having PLENTY of time to live life! I consider this program very effective because I want to do them and am able to actually do them because they’re so quick! Thank you so much for your research and development of such an amazing system/product! I look forward to future workouts and advancements from you 😉

Rina Schneider
I already feel like I am on the right track...

Hey Craig, I would like to compliment you on the HWR program. From the videos, to the manuals to the recipes and diet info, this is a lot of information for the price. I have ordered workout books in the past, and the biggest problem I had was trying to figure out how to do the exercises. The videos have really helped to do the exercises, and the short nature of the workouts helps my schedule. I have two kids, 4 and 2 who wear me out. I have incorporated many of the HWR routines in my workout to maximize my workout. I love it. Keep up the good work Craig; I enjoy your positive and enthusiastic attitude in your TT materials and ETR.

Join the Revolution!

Ronny Redd
No joke... I was smoked. Great stuff!

Well done. Seriously good stuff, this is the best product of yours that I’ve seen. Great video, well-shot, great exercises, great energy. Ironically, I just arrived to Ecuador after a 5+ hour flight, and didn’t have time for the gym this morning. So I just popped into your HWR site and did Punisher Iso X and some Bodyweight Super Sets. No joke… I was smoked. Great stuff.

Simon Black
Very effective program!

I just wanted to say I completed the beginner section and I am greatly enjoying the workouts. I like the fact that the workouts are short but they are not easy and I am already getting compliments on my weight loss. Thanks Craig for a very effective program.

Chris Cox
The program is great value for money and definitely one of the best investments I've made in my fitness training!

I’ve been using the Home Workout Revolution program for a few weeks now and have to say that I’m seriously impressed. There is such a wealth of quality information and workouts included with this program. The emphasis on good form during the exercises is making a big difference to my training and the videos provide much needed motivation when training solo. The program is great value for money and one of the best investments I’ve made in my fitness training.

Andy Goodwin
I love the Home Workout Revolution program!!

I already feel stronger. A Long Time Ago, I was looking for a way to workout, while being a stay at home mom, with young kiddos and not a lot of money! I don’t know how I found Turbulence Training online – but in 8 weeks I had lost all the baby weight and looked AMAZING!!

Then, I stopped. Life got busy. Life Stressful. The weight came back on- and then I gained 15 lbs more! Now, my “baby” is a pre-teen and my oldest is off to high school and I want my hot bod back! I remembered how much I loved the TT workouts and how I could do them at home, in 20 minutes. So, I googled you! It was fate, because I found you and the Home Workout Revolution, and the answer to keeping me motivated (my most favorite part): THE VIDEOS!!!

I love working out with you and your certified TT team! I think I am enjoying this program even more than before, because In LESS TIME, my body is completely worked out, all at home, with one set of weights. And watching the videos is like getting a personal trainer to come to my home 3 times a week, to help me work out and motivate me to keep going! So far, I’ve only lost 3 of the 20lbs I need to take off, but I’m sure that if I keep with the training I will soon see some AWESOME Results! Thanks Craig!!

Michelle Hayes

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Only $47 (One Time Payment)
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